Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Thematic Photographic 152: Vertical

I  loved this theme - it sent me trawling through so many of my photo albums, and 
brought back many happy memories.
Don't forget, the shots look better if you click to enlarge them. 
Visit Carmi at Written Inc. to take part and see other verticalities.

So, here we go:

These poles are strategically placed so that kiwifruit vines will climb up them

The old pumphouse from the goldmine at Waihi, New Zealand

Some of the many spires on La Sagrada Familia cathedral, Barcelona

 Columns at Corinth

And columns at Delphi

And MORE columns, this time at Pompei

Lovely spires here: the Duomo, Milan

One of the most beautiful buildings I've ever seen: the Blue Mosque, Istanbul

The beautiful facade of the library at Ephesus

Finally, the flagpoles ready for the annual ANZAC ceremony at Gallipoli


  1. Those first two photos are just amazing. Great shots!

    Ah, the Sagrada Familia. No offense if you love it, but that building has to be one of the ugliest cathedrals I've ever been in. The whole thing was just like Disneyland Does Religion to me. Ugh.

    Now, the Duomo in Milano, however, is one of the most amazing cathedrals I've ever seen. In fact, I think it's my very favorite ever. Did you go on the roof? Incredible. I've been fortunate enough to visit it twice in my lifetime. :)

    That pic from Ephesus just makes me jealous. I'm not going anywhere this summer, due to high stress, a lost passport, and too much to grade when I should've been planning a trip.
    Here's hoping I can get somewhere next year!

  2. I really like the perspective, composition and just the air of the picture of the pump house. Wonderful pictures, great set of pictures of old buildings AND I learned kiwi grow on vines.

  3. What a beautiful collection of verticals :)

  4. Awww! You had me right away at the kiwifruit growing...too cool, not that the other photos weren't absolutely (I am totally jealous and planning another trip!!!) but I've never seen how they were grown, clever....and I just love eating them! Very cool collection...we've been out of town, and storm damage has taken power and attacked my internet so I haven't even seen the new TP yet! Hope I can get it in before our camping trip this weekend! It's a big family trip cuz my son is getting married on the 16th of July so we're all going to rest up for that camping! ha ha! Have a great week Alexia!

  5. those are some terrific verticals!! the spires on the cathedral and the delphi columns...wow!! really beautiful pictures...all of them!!

    (yum! kiwis...now when i see them in the store...i'll be able to put them in a vertical perspective!) :)

  6. You've given us a fabulous collection of verticals and left the simplest, plainest one till last. The bare flagpoles at Gallipoli stand out for me.

  7. Writer: I do love it, because I love all things Gaudi - but you're right, it is totally over the top! The Milan Duomo is one of my favourites too. And yes, I did go on the roof - it was fantastic.
    Thanks for your comments - enjoy the grading ;)

    Max: thanks - the old pumphouse is very photogenic and I often take my camera up there and play.

    Limar: thanks for visiting - glad you liked them

    Karen: sounds like you're having a great summer! hope the wedding goes well :)

    Laura: thanks! I'm amazed at you guys not knowing how kiwis grow ... but I guess why would you?? :)

    Bob: thank you. I loved your pics but your blog wouldn't let me comment!
    Tha ANZAC pic was left to last because as a New Zealander my visit there was very meaningful and special to me. Thanks for visiting.

  8. All great photos but my favorite is the first one. Very unique and great perspective. Fun!

  9. They are all great shots - but I love the columns at Delphi. I can smell the gorgeous Greek smells - rosemary, oregano, etc.! Wish I was there right now!

  10. Oh so do I, Gilly!

    Thanks Galen - I'm surprised by the comments that pic has inspired :)


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