Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sunday Snapshots

Yippee! Friday was the last day of school for 2 weeks - our mid-winter break. Today is lovely and sunny after a slight frost. Manu LeGrand was very keen to get out for a walk; I've been a bit off-colour the last few days and the weather has been lousy, so there hasn''t been any walking to speak of.
We headed off up to the school grounds, which is his favourite walking place, and I took my camera instead of the ipod.
Remember to click on the pics to see them better.

Firstly, some parallels for Thematic Photographic's theme this week:

and the (parallel) rugby football posts:

The climbing wall is almost hidden among the trees

The school runs a large agricultural unit ... there will be calves (donated by local farmers) on these paddocks before too long:

and we also maintain a large area of native bush. It was lovely walking through it today, with the weak winter sun coming through the trees:

And there's a non-native interloper - an early-flowering rhododendron

The cricket practice nets will not be needed again for a few months yet

and by the look of that expanse of cloudless blue, it could be quite a heavy frost tonight!

When we get home, Sofie is waiting for us at the back door, posing nicely beside a camellia bush

Hope you all enjoy your Sundays, wherever you are.


  1. Great pictures, your school looks like it has some great grounds surrounding it! I like the climbing wall and the plush green paddocks where the calves will roam. Sophie looks like she could be my cats' sister!

  2. yay!! enjoy your time off!! i hope it goes nice and S L O W!!

    my favorite the one of the leaf-less...bare trees...against the blue sky!!!!

    aaaaaah...frosty....sounds nice!

  3. Fine collection of parallel shots. I like the look of your school.

  4. Lovely looking school- looks especially beautiful with the sun shining. Enjoy your hols!

  5. Thanks all - it can't go S L O W L Y enough for me, Laura :)

  6. Look at all that blue sky in the winter! Enjoy your break!

  7. What beautiful pictures and you do have such a lovely place to go to school...I can't really say work. because I know you love it there, and when we love our places of employment you just can't call it work! I wish your darling doggie wouldn't be so shy for photos! Our Sunday was spent pretty quiet and relaxing with a few more family members after our big weekend wedding! Life is just about ready to get back to normal again, perhaps, you know how life goes right....! Have a great week Alexia.


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