Monday, June 27, 2011

Thematic Photographic 151: Rough

There had been a 3-day easterly storm , and there were driftwood logs and debris thrown up 
all along our beach.
These kids were enjoying playing amongst the flotsam:

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 I've had a rough day at school today - but I won't mention that....


  1. That DOES look like there was rough seas indeed. I find Mother Nature's roughness awesome. We view humanity as so very important, but we are so small in comparison.

  2. Hmmm a rough day at school?...Never could it be as rough as these seems I can almost hear them crashing against the shore! Great photo Alexia, (I have to get my TP in too) still thinking on that one...I read a great quote that has me thinking on this line..."He who forecasts all perils will never sail the sea".....why does that quote sound so real?!

  3. Great rough seas there! One of the things I truly miss living in land-locked Utah is the ocean. Even when the weather was rough, walking along the shore was fun. As for the rough day at school, hopefully it's not something recurring.

  4. Beautiful. An excellent choice.
    I have no idea what to do with this theme right now.

  5. Great shot; rough sea, rough wood ad rocks.

  6. It's rare indeed that a picture of rough surf can almost take the viewer to that very spot. This one does...I can almost feel the wind and smell the salty air. What a richly captured moment!


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