Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sunday Snapshot 5

During my day on the Ligurian coast of Italy, I took another of my "class photos", of which 
I'm starting to have quite a collection.
These little guys were having a lovely time in Vernazza, sitting in the sun and enjoying their gelati.

I wish I was back there now!


  1. That's quite a field trip they're on there.

  2. ...nice thing about can look at them, close your eyes...and go back there...BUT i know what you's just not the same as 'being there'...feeling the breeze off the coast...the old stone beneath your feet...

    hey! we NEVER had class trips like that when i was in school! :]

  3. me neither - a field trip meant possibly a trip to the Zoo or the Museum - local, not in another country - or maybe to a theatre when I was older....

  4. Alexia...yes, just like that here too...i remember going to the Museum of Natural History, the Planetarium...and then when i was older...we went to the opera...or plays...nothing ever very far away...


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