Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Thematic Photographic 145: Vehicular

Ok then. I've just got back from a three-week holiday in Italy, so I have to post pictures from a visit to the Ferrari museum near Parma :





And a representative example of that other Italian beauty, the Fiat:

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  1. Ahhh, Italian cars! When I was 10 my family spent a few months in Italy and I fell madly in love with the Fiat 850, which I called the "Squash-back Fiat". Great pictures, and thanks for bringing back the memory.

  2. Wonderful! What fun cars. :)

    Welcome back; we've missed you.
    I'm curious about your three-week break in the autumn for school, though. You'll have to explain your school schedule a bit to us teachers after you give us all the grand travel photos. :)

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  3. Hey, welcome back! Hope you had a wonderful time.

  4. Oh my goodness these are just spiffy! Especially the last one, not my color but it's so cute! this must have been very fun to see...what a great group of photos, well done and just in time for TP. I hate to say it but I just got mine in seconds ago for vehicular! But I AM SO HAPPY to see you posted here and on Max's..welcome back, you've been missed!

  5. Oh, Oh, Oh! Love me some Ferrari, me do mmm hmm. In the late 70's I lived a couple of blocks from a Ferrari showroom. They always impressed me.

    Nice shots.

  6. Thanks Karen. Ihave been trying to comment for the last couple of days, on your blog and others', but Blogger has been really playing up!!

    There were 3 other comments here before, but they've disappeared now.... :(

    Sally - I'm not a motor-head, but they WERE totally cool. I enjoyed seeing the road cars more than the racing ones

  7. I guess mine was one of the ones that got lost in cyber-blogger oblivion. I'll re-create it word for word (ha) from memory:
    Gotta love them Italian cars! We spent 3 months in Italy when I was about 11, and it wasn't a Ferrari I fell in love with - it was the old Fiat 850 that I lovingly called the "Squashback Fiat".
    Thanks for the great pictures, and the memory flashback.

  8. Thanks for the re-post, Max!

    My first car was the good old Fiat 500 - in Italy they say that Fiat in the early days stood for "Fix it again, Tony". Mine used to regularly break down at intersections!

  9. I love cars. I've had a bunch of cars in my life.
    I always tend to bond on some level with the steel, glass and rubber.


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