Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sunday Snapshot

Two cherubs in St Peter's Basilica in the Vatican. Their mother was taking a
picture of them, in front of the two marble cherubs.

I couldn't resist taking one too...

Just after this, one punched the other on the arm; tears ensued!


  1. No doubt only the marble ones are cherubs.....:)

  2. So cute...from this photo I'd say the boy on the right is already thinking about what he plans to do next...the brother on the left has that sweetness look about him....but underneath it all will be ready to slay any dragons....and they are both young enough to still enjoy tears! This is a lovely photo ...I bet you had the time of your life!

  3. they were so gorgeous - but I would say fairly hard work ;)

  4. Funny story to go with the picture. We had some family photos taken last summer. The best one is of me sitting in the back yard with all the kids. The photographer caught us all looking so happy and relaxed. What was REALLY happening was that we were getting eaten alive by mosquitoes. I yelled at everyone to be still and smile for one second. The photo was taken and we all jumped up and ran for the bug spray!

  5. great story Galen - yes, a photo can't always be trusted :)


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