Monday, April 11, 2011

TP141: Windows (again)

I love windows. Can't resist another tilt at this theme:

Stained glass windows in the Hagia Sofia, Istanbul

Blue Mosque, Istanbul
Tiled wall mosaics, Istanbul. You can see my reflection in the window...

Looking out. Casa Batllo, Barcelona


  1. Wow, what beautiful windows. And the Blue Mosque is amazing. thanks.

  2. Thanks a million for sharing those great pictures.



  3. awesome windows! again!
    i could sit and stare out stained glass...and lose track of time! :]

  4. Oh yes these should be included in windows! The last photo is that one from your slightly funny designed house (that I really enjoyed) that was an astounding design for any building! A painting of that hanging in my living room would just be the talk of the neighborhood! (as so much of my art work, designs seem to be...I take the other road in my art and don't follow the trends so much! ha ha....keeps life interesting you know!

  5. Oh my, what gorgeous photos. The stained glass reminds me of the stained glass windows in Sainte Chapelle in Paris. Breathtaking.


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