Friday, April 8, 2011

Thematic Photographic 141: Windows

This topic sent me straight to some pics I took at a 
mall a couple of months ago

I would never have taken my camera to the mall before I "met" Carmi, and started taking part in his thematic posts. See other cool ideas on his blog here.


  1. What lovely windows, especially when you capture the sky! Isn't it funny but you can find so many cool things to snap at shopping malls.....I too have been shooting things there as appears it was a fantastic day outside too! Thanks for posting this....had I not read your post I wouldn't have even known Carmi put a new theme up...he must have done it Thursday? I actually didn't look yesterday cuz it's been a while since he posted Thursday!

  2. Thanks Karen! Yes he must have done. I saw it yesterday morning, which was Friday morning here.

    I was just going through all of the ones posted, and wondering where yours was!!

  3. I never thought to look up through the windows at the mall. What a different image than looking at all the people.

  4. Nice mall. Too many totally rely of artificial lighting, I really like this one that let's natural light in. And the perspectives you use to capture them are awesome.

  5. So many people are obsessed with shopping and never look further than the shop windows. These ar windows not to be missed.

  6. very cool window shots!
    ...looking UP through skylights...can be like a breath of fresh air...

    (i take my camera every where just never know...)

    have a happy day!

  7. Great angles! Glad I stopped by from Carmi's blog. Keep looking up!

  8. What great picture of such wonderful windows.



  9. Thanks for stopping by and for your comments, everyone :)


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