Saturday, March 5, 2011

Pushing it uphill


This is me at the moment - I feel just like Sisyphus the ancient king.

It seems I am just pushing uphill a huge weight of duties, responsibilities, exhaustion, 
family stuff, work and stress.
And the worst is, I just know that if I EVER manage to shift it just a little way, 
it's just going to roll right back down on top of me.

Be back in a while, I hope.....


  1. Alexia - we've all been there before, and I just want to wish you the best of luck and say that I hope the hill levels for you soon.
    Please don't be absent from the blogosphere for long....

  2. I've been in your shoes... Pick your battles as they say... Even tho its easier to say than do!... ((HUGS))

  3. It was only a sunny smile, and little it cost in the giving. But like morning light, it scattered the night, and made the day worth living...anon. I too have these days that you speak of ....those feelings run raged through our souls...but it's during those moments that I really look deep and live moment by moment...and sometimes you just have to disconnect...slow your life down learn to say NO and sometimes yes more often....please don't disconnect here in blogosphere where you have so many blogger friends that are here to journey along with you....a place we can all laugh and view some really awesome photos too! hugs being sent daily to you Alexia!

  4. I've been missing your posts. So sorry that you are in the midst of challenging times. If there is anything I can do (listen by email?), let me know. I find that bubble baths help! Wishes for relief for you--Galen

  5. So glad to have found your blog- thanks for visiting mine. I can relate to this post as I think everyone can from time to time. I read some of your other posts. you certainly have a wonderful blog going. I'd like to know more about the books you read, but take care of yourself first and foremost so that rock doesn't get you.
    Johnina :^A

  6. your comments are all truly helpful - thank you all so much.
    I'm getting there!

  7. Just passing by. Sounds like you are in pain. Your words and image stun me. Please be mindful ... Beauty. Creativity. Are heavy on the mind.

  8. You are all so kind. It's amazing that people whom I will never meet, who live on the opposite side of the world, can write comments which give so much comfort and support.

    Heartfelt thanks to you all.

  9. It was so wonderful to see you around some of the blogs just now! I've thought about you each day, hoping that you'd bring us some of your sunshine that brightens so many of us here(you always say things in such a lovely way) hope everything is working out as you wish...take care, glad to see you here today! ;)

  10. ...hang in there...i know how you feel...the burden...the stresses...but soon you'll get to the top and it'll be smooth sailing...that weight will subside and you'll feel lighter...and float...aaaaah! take a deep breath...and breathe out slowly...
    we're with you... :]

  11. Alexia just listening to the horror in today's news about Japan's earthquake 8.9 but also the tsunami approaching Hawaii, and hopefully NOT your country (they posted alerts that include New Zealand) thoughts are with you.


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