Saturday, February 26, 2011

Thematic Photographic 135: Letters

Yay! Thematic Photographic's back! Join in the fun here.

I didn't need to go far to find some letters: a few days ago I took a lot of photos in and around my classroom, with the idea of sometime posting a 'journey around my classroom'.
Here are the Letters which a junior class made to decorate the walls a year or so ago:

And this one:

These were made as a fun activity at the end of the year. They worked in groups and each letter had to have some theme or unifying idea.
This E is one of the best:

You can get an idea of how they sit on the walls in this shot; the Excellence is under the whiteboard, the English down the far end of the room:


  1. I'm glad the children had fun making those letters they are great to see.

  2. Loved the letters, and I'm sure the kids had a blast making them. You're classroom looks so clean, neat and up to date. If it's not too much like copying, I might take your lead and do a "tour of my classroom" post too.

  3. Like Max, I enjoy seeing your classroom. Please give us other views, too! :)

    How do the tables work out? Of course, your students are older than mine. I'm not sure I'd like tables instead of desks -- too close for 12-year-olds!
    Do you get any natural light in your room?

    Now, those letter crafts are awesome! What fun! I may just steal that idea for my creative writing class. :)

  4. Chibi: They really enjoyed the activity! Thanks for visiting.

    Max: you can "copy" - it's a compliment that you like my idea :)

    Writer: Yes there's heaps of natural light - windows right along one side - will make sure I include them. The tables are great - just 2 kids to each one - but large 17-18 yr-olds need that space!

  5. Excellent letter pictures...they did a super job, and I can just see them enjoying doing it together too! The angle in your classroom is interesting....are there windows too? I know some schools are finding that windows are too distracting .....I'm excited to see your finished product of, a tour of your classroom! I hope you share it with us! I really enjoy seeing classrooms and how each teacher puts it together...that's another great part of judging for high school's a different high school each time!

  6. i love letters...words...what a great idea for the students to make these creative LETTERS!
    it reminds me of a game my dad used to play with me...growing up...he would write down a letter...and i would have to make that letter into a picture!
    FUN with letters! love it Alexia!!

  7. Alexia - Thanks, I think I will follow suit.
    Writer - I've got tables and 14-year-olds, and it's working out pretty good. I have to put 4 at a table, and to prevent from having 5 at a table I needed to add a desk at the side of each one. The main thing I like better about them is that, since they are bolted to the floor, they don't migrate to the right like desks do when the kids slide into them. It does mean I have to be a lot more careful about my seating arrangements, but I haven't noticed any problems I didn't have with the desks anyway.

  8. Yes, older kids are (I hope) less likely to push and shove each other at tables. :)

    I'm glad you have more natural light. I was stuck for 3 years in a relocatable classroom with only arrow slits for windows (helpful if you're ever attacked by archers, but otherwise not much good). The relo I have now does have one fair-sized window, at least. But I still have no cross-ventilation in the room. The permanent structures on our school all have lots of windows. Poor Max teaches at a rabbit warren of a school, where many rooms have no windows.
    Your school does look very modern compared to mine, although one part of our building is only 10 years old and looks pretty up-to-date. And we have good computer labs. :) (five of them, actually)

    Yes, please do another post soon and show us more!

  9. My wife, also a teacher, will love to see these. Hang on while I fetch her!

    Thank you for your ongoing encouragement. I am touched that so many folks look forward to TP...and I love the community that this little theme thing seems to have spawned.

  10. What a great way to teach letters! I was also impressed by how neat and tidy your classroom is. I will never show you a picture of my office!!

  11. bringing back memories.....



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