Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Haiku for my Japanese friend

I send this lovely haiku by the scandalous poet Ikkyu
to you
with my heart


  1. Powerful words, Alexia... I am sure they will be comforted by them.

  2. Beautiful sentiment! Here's to hoping things clear up there soon.

  3. That's for sure Max!

    Thanks KBF - feel just so helpless!

  4. This is so lovely and the words so deeply and tenderly spoken, you can feel this post comes from your heart. Your friend should feel very honored! You have such a gracious heart Alexia!

  5. Karen - that's a lovely thing to say. I wish it were true - I don't think that graciousness is a big enough part of my character.
    But thank you. My friend (we were childhood neighbours and BEST friends!) is now in Sydney with his partner and their daughter, so they're safe, thank heavens.


  6. that's beautiful...
    a very comforting gesture...

    all we can really do, is keep sending those healing and comforting thoughts.

  7. It's wonderful to hear they are safe!..and I truly meant you have a gracious heart and I know this by the very kind and thoughtful comments you always leave behind...IT SHOWS! For me it's the comments of others that urge me on and bring me back time and time again....especially here on Blogger, not so much on FB ...

  8. Lovely. The vagaries of life. This poem is the theme of my life this year, without a doubt. I'm going to copy it and put it on my inspiration wall by my computer. Thank you.


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