Saturday, October 9, 2010

Thematic Photographic 118: Branched

I am loving these weekly themes (see Thematic Photographic on Carmi Levy's blog here).
They make me look at the world around me differently, and also send me looking back through photos I've already taken to see if any fit in.
So... branched. Hmm - trees (family and wooden); metal structures; rivers and creeks;  cracks, in the ground, in the sky, in paths and buildings.  Lots of different ideas there.

Here are a few that I've found for this theme.

This guy climbs up my sunroom wall. I love the way his feet branch into gripping toes:

Gecko on the wall

These branching light holders decorate the main street of our small town:
Main street lamp posts

I saw this beautiful bronze shield in the fantastic museum of Olympia, Greece, in April of this year:
Bronze shield, c.500 B. C.

These beautiful catenary arches are in the cellar/museum in Gaudi's 'La Pedrera'.  I love everything Gaudi designed or built, so I really enjoyed my pilgrimage to Barcelona:
La Pedrera, Barcelona

Finally, this "Wind Wand" sculpture, by Len Lye, dances like a long slim twig on the foreshore at New Plymouth, here in New Zealand
Wind Wand by Len Lye

I've got quite a few tree photos I want to put up too, so maybe I'll be branching out and making another post later this week.


  1. Oh the gecko is just too cool! Great photos.

  2. Alexia, what a lovely selection of photos :-)

    That shield is amazing; you can imagine the warriors being inspired and protected by their 'wings' as they went into battle.

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  3. thank you both for dropping by - and thanks for your supportive comments :D

  4. How cool is that! Love all of your interpretations.. That shield is gorgeous... Aren't geckos the sweetest?

  5. Oh my gosh, you are a teacher, and what amazing branching you've posted! Beautiful photos too! Isn't each simple theme just a product of so much more?! I sense Carmi blushing a bit, but he so deserves a "thumbs up!"

  6. i love your pictures!! especially the gecko and the bronze shield!!
    really cool!! thanks!

  7. Thanks for naming my tree, The Monkey Puzzle. When I see amazing trees and etc. I'll snap their photo to research later, and often never do. It was an amazing sight! ..something I would imagine growing maybe in Arizona if that!TY Karen

  8. Your geckos are way cooler than ours. The closest I can get to one is in Florida, but the legs on yours are divinely curvy.

    You live in the coolest place on earth!

    (And I so appreciate your kind comments about TP. I'm so happy we've crossed paths!)


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