Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thematic Photographic 115: Letters & Numbers

This theme made me think of some photographs I took on a visit to Gallipoli earlier this year:

New Zealand graves at Anzac Cove

Ataturk's moving tribute to the foreign soldiers who died in his country
Chunuk Bair: words which have stayed in my memory
since my stepfather took me to Dawn Parades when I was a teenager

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  1. Well, for a first entry this is very profound and humbling...Well done.

  2. i agree...humbling...and very well done! good luck! :]

  3. We live the lives we lead because they sacrificed theirs. We owe them so much, and I am deeply moved by your photos.

  4. Carmi - being there was one of the most moving experiences I have ever had. It was such a beautiful morning, still and calm; the sense of connection was visceral.

    Thank you for your lovely words


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