Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Holiday Memories 2

    The last country I visited was Scotland, and the city I stayed in before flying home was Glasgow.

The weather was just as you'd expect - cold, windy, damp and/or raining for the 5 days I was there. 
It was mid-July. I did enjoy my time there - especially the people-watching!

Everyone has seen this picture - the Duke of Wellington with his orange road cone, 
outside the Gallery of Modern Art:

I loved the Princes Square shopping centre, so different from the usual plastic malls:

On a dull day, these planters provided lovely colour:

Lastly, a reminder of the Commonwealth Games held in the city last year:

"The Glasgow invention of square-toed shoes was to enable 
the Glasgow man to get closer to the bar."
~ Jack House


  1. Love that wall art. It lifts a tired building doesn't it?
    Yay for potted colour. There should be more of it.

  2. Even though I used to live in Scotland, I never made it to Glasgow. :)

  3. The Jack House quote is fantastic. Also, I'd never seen the statue wearing a traffic cone before, but love its style. I could do with it catching on.

  4. Lisa: If you're going to miss a Scottish city, make it Glasgow.

    EC: I agree. They were very bright spots in a fairly bleak landscape.

    thunder: I thought so :)

    John: The city bureaucrats kept removing it, but another one would appear, so they gave up. It's become a tourist attraction in its own right.


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