Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Morocco - Best Moments

I took so many photos during my recent trip that I could post every day for weeks 
and not run out of shots.

Here are a few more Morocco highlights before I 'move on' to the next country.
(Click to enlarge)

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In the markets, you could get anything you wanted.

Fresh chicken for dinner:

 and olives to go with the chicken:

You could have dental work:

or if it's too late for dental work, some replacements:

Elementary schools were in session, and welcomed visitors:


Some of the hotels were spectacular/unusual/bizarre

But the scenery was always stunning:

 and daily life was consistently fascinating:

In Casablanca, we got to have lunch at Rick's Cafe. 
I think it was the most delicious lunch I've ever had.

AND of course, there were always storks:

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Highlights of Morocco: the artistry

Everywhere I went in this astonishing country, 
there was amazing natural beauty.

In this post I have included photos of some of the incredible man-made
craftsmanship and artistry. 

Buildings, gates, arches, windows, towers:
all are hand-carved, decorated, adorned and (my favourite) tiled, often in 
beautiful shades of blue and green.
(Click to enlarge)

Minaret, with storks*

Mosque Hassan II Casablanca

Hassan II Minaret

Bathing Room

Spot the photographer

Hand-worked Copper

* I became quite obsessed with storks. We don't have them in this part of the world.
Here's another stork picture:

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Liquidity - Thematic Photographic 340

Here are some liquid-y pictures from my recent travels. Click to enlarge.

In Port Lligat, Spain, my son and I visited Salvador Dali's garden. 
The swimming-pool looked very tempting.

Swans on the canal in beautiful Bruges

Nazare, one of Portugal's superb beaches

In Scotland, the weather was like this - overcast, cool, often dampish - for nearly 3 weeks. 
It was perfect!

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Monday, July 6, 2015

Highlights of Morocco: the people

Morocco. Such an amazing country - vibrant, colourful, ever-changing and ever-surprising. 
And exceedingly hot!

I saw many places, buildings, sights; 
many were beautiful, some were ugly, and a few were frightening, 
but they were all, without exception, interesting.

Here are some of the people of that colourful and intriguing country. 

(As always, click on photos to enlarge them)

The Salesmen

Camel's head for dinner, anyone?



Government Employees

(and one visitor from New Zealand)


 The Women


laundresses, taken through the window of the bus


the camel-keeper's family

The Musicians

If you've found something interesting in these photos, please comment - I love to hear from you!

The next Morocco post will be ready in a few days.