Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Hit the Road: TP 328

I love a road trip, but I haven't taken many recently - sadly! Just one short one, 
which I've already posted a road pic from. 
Taken from the top of the Manukau Heads Lighthouse, it is evidence of our ongoing drought:

Here are some favourite road shots from the archives:

 On the road to Whanganui. It'll be at least another month before the leaves are this colour -


South Island road trip in 2013 -

This is the road I drive when I head west out of our town -

You won't get far on this road!

See how others are hitting the road over here, at Written.Inc

Hopeless Wanderer....


  1. Oh my goodness, need I say I got lost in your lovely nature views as I enlarged each photo. My favorite being of course your palm tree lane when you head west, what a road that is! I had to laugh at the sad little crumbled gate at what appears like an end of the road I just captured this week. Lovely time hitting the road with you.

  2. Droughts are cruel aren't they?
    Loved travelling with you, and hope you are back on the road again soon.

  3. Beautiful road pictures. I hope your drought is over very soon.

  4. Ah, those are just pretty places to travel through! Hope you're doing well.

  5. Interesting roads especially the one with the crumbling gate; I would just have to follow that track

  6. I'm sorry I couldn't send some of our snow storms, they were a lot of work to shovel!

    I suppose I wouldn't get far down that road, but it looks green and inviting. I'd be tempted to walk down it, as long as no one was around...

  7. Hello everyone - thanks for all of your comments!

    Karen: It was seeing your pic with the gate at the end of the road that reminded me of my broken gate shot!

    EC: I hope the heat's been turned down a bit in Canberra...

    Nicola: I think the drought's definitely about to break - we are going to get the edge of Tropical Cyclone Pam for the next few days, apparently!

    John: I hope you're well too. I am lucky to live in such a lovely part of the world.

    Bob and thunder: Don't worry - I couldn't resist walking down it. It took me to the stony beach you can see on the right. No more snow for you, I hope, thunder.

  8. i love road trips! even if it's just a quick get-a-way! it's always worth it.
    i love the first shot with the long & winding road running through the hills...
    and the autumn colors & green!! i hope you get some much needed rain soon!!
    nice shot heading west out of town through the palm tree lined road...toward the mountains!!

    a fence like that...needs a little TLC...but it is very inviting to just stroll around it!! :)


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