Thursday, February 19, 2015

This Country: #3

Last Friday I travelled to Waiheke Island, 40 minutes by ferry from the Auckland CBD, 
to walk the sculpture trail along the headland of the island.

The track was about 2.5 kilometres, and was dotted with 31 sculptures. 
My favourite was the one on the top left; it was made up of a number of thin mirrored 
vertical slabs which created myriads of interesting collages.

It was an EXTREMELY hot day, and a long one - from where I live 
it's a 2 hour drive to Auckland. 
It was also quite crowded, as it was one of the last few days of the 
exhibition - but it was well worth the effort.

Here's a shot across the harbour looking back to the city:


  1. Very pretty!

    I like the big arrows and target, too.

    1. Yes I thought that was good too - there were quite a few that I really liked (and some that I didn't even bother stopping to look at)

  2. Oh my goodness, that looks like so much fun!

    1. It certainly was, Karen. You would have loved it!

  3. Looks absolutely gorgeous! Especially that final shot. Much more welcoming than the snowy disaster in my region.

    1. Thank you, John. It will be spring before you know it!

  4. beautiful pictures...scenery...the views!
    how cool is ride out to an island of sculptures!!
    the mirrored slabs are VERY interesting! almost dizzying to look at!
    i really love the lower left hand picture in the group of 3...the one from the water...looking at the hills with trees!!
    the BIG arrows are pretty cool too!

    looks like a fun thing to do...but all that hiking around in the heat of the day...ugh! i bet it felt good to sit & relax with a cool drink afterwards! :)

    1. It was incredibly hot - really exhausting. But I loved it!!

    2. and that's the important thing...that you loved it! what a drag it would be to go through the long exhausting day...and NOT enjoy it!! :)

  5. هჱ⊱
    Passei para uma visita e para admirar suas fotografias.
    Um belo passeio virtual... com excelentes imagens.

    Ótima quarta-feira!
    Beijinhos do Brasil.



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