Monday, January 12, 2015


We had a very cold and windy non-spring, but now we are being rewarded for our forbearance with a fantastic summer. Since just before Christmas the weather has been beautiful - sunny and warm, with a high most days of about 27˚ C (about 80˚ F), usually with a pleasant breeze. 

There's been no rain, and I guess if this continues much longer people, especially farmers, will start complaining. But I love warm weather, and I'm happy!

Last weekend my daughter and her family went camping at a beach not far from here. 
It's not a surf beach, so it's perfect for little folk.

Low tide, sunset:


Don't you love summer?


  1. Summer? Not my friend. Though 27 with a beach and a breeze is a decided improvement on the temperatures we have been enduring.
    Enjoy yours. To the hilt.

    1. Thank you, I will try! But I do hope that you can manage to be comfortable and enjoy being outside at the cooler times of the day.

  2. Yes I do! Especially seeing your summer! Although, for me it's still odd how your summer arrives at Christmas, when we're getting snow up to our necks! Hehehe! It seems that all across the world it's been strange weather for everyone, and our winter has been rather calm for Minnesota. I say this on one of our tremendously frigid days, where the temperature is below zero and the wind chill is colder yet! I really like the photo where your daughter and family went camping, what a gorgeous place to roam free!

    1. It is lovely, Karen - I often take my dog there for walks, as it's usually fairly deserted.

  3. Replies
    1. My daughter's dawg - though he's actually a member of the family !
      Poor boy drank so much salt water he was sick all the next day. He's lovely, but he's not terribly bright :D

  4. I love summer, my favorite season. When I win the lottery I'm going to spend half the year up here in Utah and the other half down in your neck of the woods. And you can guess which season. (Yeah, I'm dreaming, but it's a nice one).

  5. Well I love winter - but it's so cold here now I am starting to look forward to summer.

  6. nice beach...nice water! beautiful sunrise!
    i like the winter. it's so much easier for me to 'get warm'...than to 'cool off'...and stay cool! (i'm such a sweater...and not the fuzzy kind.) of course temp's in the 80's isn't bad. when it gets up to high 90's...and it's humid & sticky...UGH!
    enjoy your summer!!


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