Friday, July 11, 2014

Your Favourite Photos: TP 300!

Crikey, I nearly missed this auspicious occasion.

What to pick? This is on my list of my favourite photos - I've posted it before, and it's an old shot - from my visit to Turkey in 2010. It was a wonderful holiday, and the visit to Gallipoli was an absolute highlight, as it is for nearly every New Zealander and Australian who goes there.

I took this shot of Ataturk's tribute to the troops who fought and died in that battle:

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  1. It is a stunning tribute isn't it? No us and them. just warmth and inclusion.
    The smaller portion was also very moved at Gallipoli - and loved Turkey. I think he has been back twice now - and may go again. And yes, a part of me is jealous.

    1. I still get teary just reading the words again...
      I enjoyed Turkey so much, and would go back tomorrow if I could. Still, there are lots of other countries I want to visit as well...

      We have had rain, most of it very heavy and accompanied by very strong winds, for 7 of the last 8 days. And it's school holidays. @#*!*^

  2. I've never been to Turkey, myself.

    Great pic...I figured you get into the TP 300 water at some point.

  3. This is a wonderful favorite. A very dear tribute to those that lost their lives. A peaceful location for reflection.

  4. I agree with Thunder, as I also knew there would be water in your favorite photos.

  5. We have the same shot - Cate uses it as a screen saver.


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