Saturday, February 22, 2014

Sunday Snapshot

Thirty kilometres south of where I live is the small town of Katikati (the Maori name means to nibble or shear). It is popular with tourists for the murals which are painted on almost every wall or building. Many of them feature scenes or figures from the town's history, others are whimsical or simply decorative. I have posted about Katikati here.
Last autumn I went to try to photograph all or most of the murals. 
Some of them were difficult to capture, and it wasn't a very good day in terms of light, 
but here are two.

This is probably my favourite. It's a whole wall showing an original homestead near the town:

Here's a section in close-up:

And I like the details in this one, especially the cat and the hens:

I hope you have a particularly happy Sunday!


  1. Replies
    1. Wow to your snowy owl link. What a picture!!

      Blogger lost my blog for quite a few days - I'm glad to be back...

  2. Oh wow. How I would love to see that. Thank you so much.
    And a wonderful Sunday to you and yours as well.


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