Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Some favourite photos from 2013

For Thematic Photographic #275: some times when I was glad I had my camera.

Some kids and their Dad build a new residence on the Petone foreshore, 
Wellington harbour. With seagulls.

The Taranaki coast, one of my favourite bits of the world:

It's one of the best surfing areas in the country -

But it doesn't pay to take it lightly. 18 months ago, two 17-year-old students 
and their Outdoor Education instructor lost their lives when they were swept off the cliffs:

Another beach: Seacliff, in Adelaide, Australia, in the late afternoon light -

For other participants' favourite shots from the year just ended, go to Written.Inc


  1. That beach hut is great! And the sun on the clouds pic is so lovely!

  2. Some wonderful photos there. And your granddaughter is a little charmer.

  3. And I love seeing your ocean pictures, that beach-fort is the coolest. I think I'm going to have to make it out to the Pacific next summer. Or maybe I'll just visit the ocean next time I sneak down there to get pictures of your cat, eh? :)

  4. Those photos are great. Your granddaughter is so cute - just the same age as my great granddaughter!! And I am amazed at that 'beach hut' - there must be a lot of driftwood on your beaches!

  5. Wonderful photos! Between your photos and my friend Margaret's photos, I am getting a real good feel for Kiwi Land!

  6. What a great driftwood palace! And sky!

    And your granddaughter is wonderful.

    Happy New Year, Alexia!

  7. My surfer grandson would love to visit that Taranaki bay.

  8. Love your photos - makes me miss the water and the waves.


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