Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Thematic Streetscapes

For Thematic Photographic 265, Carmi has set the theme of Streetscapes. To see his and other pictures on this intriguing theme, go here.

Last week in New Plymouth, I came across a lovely bed of poppies in the middle of a 
3-street intersection:

Two days earlier, in Wanganui on a quiet morning, this was the view:


  1. Poppies, tulips and pansies make blue skies almost unnecessary. What beautiful streetscapes you have given us. Thank you.

  2. Beautiful flowers have made your streetscapes more appealing.

  3. Beautiful flowers, and I like the round-about. The buildings are amazing!

  4. Spring weather in N.Z., while here the leaves continue to fall.

    Those pictures intrigued me so that I looked up the Rutland Arms, Alexia.

    Many people have opinions!

  5. Wonderful colour in your photos Alexia! Spring is as colourful as autumn!

  6. Those poppies are stunning! And the streets look so well kept, with flowers, and everything clean and sparkling! I hope our spring will be like that next year - seems a long way away at the moment!


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