Monday, September 23, 2013

Tuesday Poem

Image - Andris Apse

 Deep in the Hills

Once I thought the land I had loved and known
Lay curled in my inmost self; musing alone
In the quiet room I unfolded the folded sea,
Unlocked the forest and the lonely tree,
Hill and mountain valley beach and stone,
All these, I said, are here and exist in me.

But know I know it is I who exist in the land;
My inmost self is blown like a grain of sand
Along the windy beach, and is only free
To wander amoung the mountains, enter the tree,
To turn again a sea-worn stone in the hand,
Because these things exist outside of me.

O far from the quiet room my spirit fills
The familiar valleys, is folded deep in the hills.

~ Ruth Dallas



  1. How beautiful. And how true.
    Just the same, there are places (and some people) that I do hold deep in my heart. And would continue to do so even if they ceased to exist. So perhaps it is 'Because these things existed ourside of me'. Continuity a bonus, but not necessary.

    1. Both can be true. I find when I am away from my country for any length of time, it's as if a part of me is missing - the land is viscerally connected.

  2. Beautiful....what more can I say?

  3. I love that beach! Isn't the cove shaped like a heart, sort of?

    1. The photo is taken in a southern wilderness area called Fiordland. The cove is called Preservation Inlet

      It's a stunning part of the world :)

  4. So very magical and fitting with your photo selection. It's as though living life between the lines springs to life throughout.

    1. Well said, Karen. I'm glad you liked the poem, and the photo.

  5. Happy sigh. Perfect visuals. Perfect poetry. I've got to get out more :)


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