Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Otherwise fine; TP 252

Two of my favourite cloud photos, for this week's Thematic Photographic. 
You can see more on this theme here.

Summer sky, at our local beach. 
These clouds make me think of long hot summer days:

Stormy skies, Masterton.
These clouds just make me remember.


  1. That stormy sky is just great! I'm reaching for my brolly already!

  2. Wonderful photos Alexia. The storm clouds so low and the beautiful light above are a great contrats.

  3. So many reflections come to mind viewing these stunning moments in life! What glorious artwork right before our eyes.

  4. Two beautiful shots but I would chose the beach.

  5. I love the contrast of the fluffy white clouds below the orange/red ones. Gorgeous.

  6. Simply gorgeous. I do love clouds, in all their manifestations. Which is why I was outside shortly after dawn this morning, revelling in the glory above.

  7. Both of these could be paintings. I love how you've artfully composed them to maximize the impact of the sky. I feel small just looking at these scenes.

    Can you hear the "wow"?

  8. Great photos! A grey, gloomy sky here today and rain...I love it! I've a few movies to catch up on...so I'm not complaining!

  9. To all my blogger friends who dropped by:
    thank you for these lovely comments. I would normally reply individually but the 'flu beast still has its claws firmly into me and my head is fuzzy.

    Have a good Friday :)


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