Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Straight lines

Today, February 6th, is our national day and a public holiday, so I went looking for 
some shots for Carmi's Thematic Photographic topic this week, Straight Lines.

On the main road in to our small mining town, there are straight lines 
of palms along both sides:


And downtown, the street lights lead straight up to the ornamental 
poppet head near the old mine workings:

At the beach, there's hardly any surf. 
The waves are quietly rolling in in nice straight-ish lines

And at the river mouth, around the coast, there are almost-straight 
lines in the sand

Visit Written.Inc for more lines...

I wish every school week had a holiday on Wednesday!


  1. Like the streetlights.
    What holiday is today?

  2. Let me clarify: what's the holiday called? New Zealand Day? Or something else?

  3. Hi Lisa - thanks. It's called Waitangi Day, after the place where the Treaty which 'established' this country was signed between the British and the native Maori people. Some people would like to change the name to New Zealand Day.

  4. I wish I was at that beach today, Alexia.

    P.S. Theda loves squirrels...to chase!

    1. It's funny how they are seen as pests there but exotically cute by people who don't have them. I remember my kids, when they were small, being besotted by chipmunks when we went to Canada!

  5. I wouldn't mind walking along that beautiful beach right now! :)

  6. A holiday to savour and to follow the lines. Don't let them change its name.

  7. A happy holiday to you too! What a stunning entrance into your little city, and the shopping area is so inviting too! Of course you know the beach and water are beyond beautiful! All I can say is 41 more days before our first day of spring! I can't wait! But I'm hoping for sooner .......winter has been here long enough!

  8. A belated happy holiday (sorry: last week was a bit of a zoo with being away from home.) I reeeeeally want to visit your hemisphere. So much prettier than mine :)

    I'm really amazed at how you found so many examples in nature. Great sleuthing!

  9. It almost looks as though someone raked the sand at the river mouth!


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