Sunday, December 9, 2012

Manu LeGrand

Kath Lockett is an  Australian living in Geneva. She writes a blog called Blurb from the Burbs, which I follow with great interest and enjoyment. She is a fellow dog-lover and often writes about her companion Milly; when I mentioned my dog in the last post, she requested a picture. 

So, just for you, Kath (and for me, because I love him to bits), is a short 
biography of Manu LeGrand.

We had always had big dogs (mostly, and preferably, Golden Labradors), because they are fabulous dogs and because I had always felt that smaller dogs were yappy and annoying. However one day I stopped on impulse at a sign that said Jack Russell Pups For Sale, and came away with a little chap who could just about fit into my cupped hands:

Here's what I wrote about him in an old post:
He doesn't know he's a little dog. He is not aware that his head is kinda too big for his body, and that he has the funny, stumpy front legs which some Jack Russell terriers have.  He always acts with dignity and decorum, and is as brave, affectionate and loyal as any dog we have ever had.   He firmly believes that he will catch every rabbit or pheasant 
he disturbs out on a walk; of course, with those legs, he doesn't.
He smiles a lot.

Thankfully, he's not at all a yappy little dog; he does have a good manly bark when needed.  Especially when he's treed a possum in the middle of the night.... !! 

Manu misses his friend Darcy, who died several years ago now. 
These days his best friend, apart from his humans, is Sophie the cat.

Our son gave him the name Manu, which I had always assumed was for the Maori word manu meaning bird. He told me a couple of years ago that he actually named him after Manuel, the Spanish waiter in Fawlty Towers!
At six and a half years old, Manu is always welcoming, always forgiving, always ready for a walk. He has heaps of personality, and he still smiles a lot, even when he's had a toenail removed...


I hope you enjoyed meeting him, Kath!


  1. Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!

    I spent the whole time reading this post going "Aw, awww, awwww" all over again. He's a little smiler, that's for sure!

  2. What a wonderful story about how Manu became part of your family. My favorite photo is of him sitting in the wheel of course! I sure can see how he melts your heart.

  3. They wind their paws into our heart strings don't they? I grew up with German Shepherds. I learned to walk tugging myself up on a dog's tail, and teethed on the same dog's ears. I understand that when I was attached to his tail he virtually crossed his legs to ensure he didn't pull me off my feet, and that he merely looked wistful when I was gnawing on his ears. A dog I will always remember.
    A beautiful post - thank you. And I love that smile.

    1. "They wind their paws into our heart strings don't they?"
      You've put that so beautifully, EC. Thank you.

  4. Sweet!! Like you, I consider myself a big-dog person, but this little guy is so sweet I might reconsider....someday.

    Referred here by Thunder.

    1. Thank you for visiting, Aunt Snow. I enjoy seeing LA through your eyes, and I loved your photos of Venice!

  5. I love his smile in the very last photo - what a poseur!

  6. Manu brings a smile to my face, as, no doubt, he does to yours and to everyone else he trots past!

    Just by looking at him in his photos, I can see his personality...everything about him is a dead give-away! :)

    He's a lovely, bonny little rascal! Give him a Christmas cuddle for me, Alexia! :)


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