Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Industrial Disease

Industrial Disease is what Carmi has named this week's Thematic Photographic topic.

Maybe the biggest factor in industrial dis-ease is the car

Auckland Harbour

Some people think graffiti is an eyesore


Hydro-electric power stations don't improve the beauty of the landscape

Clyde Dam, Clutha River

Near where I live, the old gold miners left a lot of industrial rubbish lying around.
One person's industrial disease is another's tourist attraction...


  1. Well chosen. I can't say I like any of them, but I think that may be your point.

  2. Uneasy all, and queasy a little too. We really are a breed of despoilers. So often. Some of us make beauty too, but I sometimes worry that the creators are outnumbered by the destroyers.
    You have illustrated this theme far too well.

  3. Great selection of industrial pictures. The last two pictures look like they've been around for a while.

  4. Interesting shots that make you think. I don't like grafitti that is just a lot of squiggles or is just disfigurement of walls and buildings. Electric power plants can blend in if care is taken to restore the environment. Pylons are usually a visual 'impairment' however.

  5. They are indeed quite a lovely grouping of worthy subjects for this week's theme.I am a fan of the water ...it's funny how the pretty little simple things in life can stand out above all the rest! Nice post!

  6. The old gold mining stuff looks interesting.

    Good pics!

  7. Both the dam and the gold mining tools use water...but on very different scales.

  8. The hydro-electric shot has beauty in its enormity - it took me a while to realise that the orange specks were MEN!

    But rusting machinery is a real spoiler of anywhere.

    Thanks for those shots, Alexia

  9. i think you've chosen a few great industrial dis-ease examples!

    me...i've always liked the street art...graffiti...well, as long as the art is on a bare wall...and not de-facing someone else's art. you know?

    i also always like to look at the OLD rusty remnants of STUFF left behind...

    OH and by the way...i like your header...freedom!!

    have a merry & happy...everything...every day!


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