Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Travel, travel

Over at Carmi's blog, Written.Inc, people are posting fantastic travel pics for this week's Thematic Photographic theme.

Travelling is one of my very favourite things, so I found this topic rather daunting. I have so many photos - where should I go with this? 

I spend my working days with teenagers, and so eventually I decided to go with travel shots in which I've taken children and teenagers. Some I've posted before, some I haven't...

In 2005 I was lucky enough to take a group of students  to Shanghai. 
The Chinese exchange group came to New Zealand for 2 weeks, 
then about a month later we went there for 2 weeks. 

School was very different -

But McD's tastes the same wherever you go:

By the time we left to come home, the kids and their billets had become  good friends, 
and there were some very tearful farewell huddles:

In 2010 I was in Greece.
I was delighted by this beautiful bronze boy in 
the National Archaeological Museum in Athens

My favourite kid shots from my trip to Turkey are this one in Istanbul  
of a little boy celebrating his circumcision day:

and this group of children at the Mausoleum of Ataturk, in Ankara:

Italy, 2011. This is the Fontana del Panthon, in Rome

and I love the expressions in this school group photo in the Naples Museum

A little girl on Capri

and a less fortunate child, in a shed of other relics, at Pompeii

One of my all-time top 10 kid photos - two cherubs, in St Peter's Basilica in Rome

Lastly, two more school groups, one waiting to enter the Duomo, in Milan:

and the other in Vernazza on the Cinque Terre:

Hope you enjoyed some of my kids-around-the-world photos. 
Bon voyage!


  1. I loved them, though my heart hurt for that poor little urchin in Turkey. Thank you.

    1. Mine too. He was very proud to have his photo taken though, as were his parents...

  2. ...celebrating his circumcision day:

    Awww, the look on his face!

  3. Humanity alters slightly according to local custom.....but these images tell me that we are all the same. LOVELY!

  4. This demonstrates the good work that can be done with children. Fine collection of pictures including th children on the statues of horses.

  5. Fun! Of course, travel photos are definitely your thing. You've been everywhere!

    1. Well thank you - but not everywhere - still heaps of places I would like to go to!

  6. wow Alexia!! you've traveled to many far lands!! =) i love ALL your pictures!!
    back when i was in school...classes never went on trips like that! not to other countries!!

    i was a little stunned to see the face of fear? the unknown? panic? of the little boy celebrating his circumcision day! yikes! i didn't even know this was a celebration anywhere! ouch.

    hope you're having a happy weekend!

  7. Looks like fun times, made me think of another travel set I think I'll go post. (Traveling with students can be fun, but stressful too.) Great set of photos.

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