Monday, July 16, 2012

TP 204: Orange

A mid-winter Tuesday, and Carmi suggests posting happy summery orange photos! 
I went outside to see if it was worth taking a shot of the 2 orange trees...
it wasn't, but I found this hiding among the shrubs:

It will rain tomorrow, so I picked it and took it inside, to brighten up
the house with its cheerful orange-ness:

Thanks for making me go outside and look for orange, Carmi!


  1. Its narcissus, Thunder!! Lovely shot - glad you could find orange!

  2. Glad you found a little orange in your winter. I really like that last one, with the flower against the dark background.

  3. You found some very delightful flowers! I was thinking Carmi should have selected this theme during October around here. I'm not one to have many orange flowers around the yard, but come October lots of orange for us!

  4. Anytime at all, Alexia! I like that you headed outside with one thing in mind, but ended up with something completely different. That's what I've always loved about photography: You just never know where it'll take you.


  5. Flowers and sunsets are setting us up this week.

  6. Thanks everyone! I'm enjoying all of your orange posts - trying to find time to get found and comment on them all ;)

  7. Gorgeous. Afraid our drought is killing off all the lovely blooms around here.

    Thanks for stopping by my balloon glow post this week.

  8. PRETTY...prettier than oranges i think!!!!!!!!!!! little daffodils?

    1. Yes - narcissus, Laura, a very early daffodil. There's only been 1 so far, though.

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