Monday, July 2, 2012

Thematic Photographic 202: Series

Carmi's latest idea for TP is a series; please check out his beautiful 
pelican shots at Written.Inc

My series comes from my April trip to the South Island of New Zealand this year. 

It is autumn (fall): clear crisp days with not a cloud to be seen, not a stir of breeze. I am driving past Lake Dunstan, in a region known as Central Otago. 
It is a low-rainfall, arid area; summers are hot and dry, 
and winters very cold - and dry.

I stop to take a photo of the lake and the bare hills behind it:

There's a boat coming around a curve in the lake -


 It's people water-skiing! 
At this time of year! it may be sunny, but it's pretty cool 
outside the reach of my car heater.

 They sweep past and carry on down the lake...

 The wake's disappearing, and the water will soon be still again.

I haven't messed with the colours in these shots at all 
- the water really is that blue.

I'm thinking that I might print 3 of these photos, enlarged, 
and have them framed as a tryptich for a wall in our new house.
Any thoughts?


  1. Just gorgeous. And how perfect for this week's theme!

  2. That is a beautiful Lake - and so blue!! And I like your series - great shots!

  3. Pretty! And could have been used for the Blue Thematic, too.

  4. The pictures give no indication of the cold, looks like an incredibly beautiful day out there. And the blue of the water, makes me want to just jump in, but it doesn't sound like that would be quite a good idea. Great series!

  5. so beautiful!!! what a view!
    water like blue serene...and then the boat carving a smooth path. NICE!

  6. Thank you all for your kind comments!

  7. Great series in a beautiful setting where you've caught the reflections as well.

  8. Oh my gosh Alexia! These are more than stunning, and simply breath-taking-wonders! What a lovely location, and excellent footage of quite a fun day for all!

  9. I want to sit where you took those shots and do nothing but watch and enjoy! What a beautiful day!

  10. Bob, Karen, lailani - thank you all for commenting. I'm glad you liked the shots :D

  11. Point of Order, Alexia!

    It's Thematic 202.


    1. thanks thunder :) I did actually realise that this afternoon. I didn't take part in 201, as it sure ain't summery in this part of the globe...

      I'll blame it on school holidays!


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