Friday, June 8, 2012

A writer who made a difference

I was saddened by hearing of Ray Bradbury's death this week. I can't resist 
posting this, which I found this on Martin Willoughby's blog:


  1. That's an awesome quote, and I don't blame you - Ray Bradbury was a great writer. One of my favorite books in high school was Fahrenheit 451.

  2. Over the last few days I have seen many Bradbury quotes and have agreed with them all. Our lives are diminished with his loss.

  3. i was so sad too, when i heard Bradbury passed away...what a brilliant man...and writer...
    AGES ago...when i was in my teens to early twenties, i'd read all of his books!

    i did a a post a few days ago...with many of his quotes...

  4. He was one of the greats and his books will be read for decades to come.

  5. So true.

    Ray Bradbury was one of the first authors I read, and his stories are still in my head, decades after having read them. He's gone, but his tales live on...


  6. Thanks for visiting and commenting, everyone.

    We had a very heavy frost here today - aren't you all glad you're having summer right now? (Except Elephant's Child, of course)

  7. asked about the replying to each individual comment...
    (i left the instructions on my blog, in reply to your comment) OR u can always email me...i couldn't find your email address. :)


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