Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Trees, and a few bushes

Thematic Photographic this week is entitled Bushes and Trees - clever Carmi has set it up
to happen for us, even though he's in China, lucky man!

First, some foreign trees. If you visit the beautiful amphitheatre at Epidaurus, in Greece, you walk up these lovely tree-lined steps to get there:

These lovely trees were in the grounds of a hotel I stayed at in Rome:

Closer to home, in the beautiful gardens at Larnach Castle, in Dunedin:

Lombardy poplars are very widely grown in Central Otago. 
These are on the shores of Lake Wanaka:

 Treescape in Arrowtown:

  And trees and bushes at Lake Dunstan:

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.  The next best time is now.  
~Chinese Proverb


  1. The garden of your hotel in Rome is unbelievable as also the last picture, that is freedom.


  2. great pictures...Lake Dunstan is glorious

  3. They are all beautiful. I love the Chinese Proverb.
    When I went to Antartica, much as I loved it, I did find myself pining for trees.

  4. I think a walk through that garden would be quite relaxing. Great pictures.

  5. Oh, that lake shot at the bottom is just stunning! What a reflexion!

    Lombardy poplars. :) Planted all over in Utah as windbreaks, especially on farms. Now considered a trash tree that annoys neighbors (since the trees grow so high, so fast). Your picture makes me smile.

  6. I never thought of Rome having that sort of assortment, amazing shot! All of these are so worthy of a long walk, much reflecting and so many photos, to gather!

  7. my favorites are your first two photos!. striking and i love the angle.

  8. Lake Dunstan, so pretty!

    I like that proverb, too.

  9. WE have planted three new trees in the last month. That will do for now - but do I have to wait 20 years to see them at their best? That would make me 95!
    Great collection of trees, Alexia. Lake Dunstan and Rome for me.

  10. Love the photos and the Chinese proverb! Do you publish travel books with your photos? So gorgeous--all of them.

  11. So many great comments - it's fantastic to have blog-friends!

  12. love the true!

    thanks for taking me around the world...and through all the trees and bushes.
    reflections mesmerize favorite is the last...

    great shots Alexia!!


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