Friday, March 2, 2012

The summer that never was

In this part of the world, March 1st  marks the end of summer. 
It's the first day of autumn, of fall. 

This morning's sunrise

Normally by now we've pretty much had enough of the heat, the dryness, the long 
summer sunburnt days, and we're pleased to welcome the onset of cooler nights 
and crisp, beautiful mornings.

Not this year. 
In fact, it never really was summer at all. 
You could count the number of really hot days on one hand. The rest of the time 
it has been wet, windy and almost, at times, cold. I love heat, and hate 
cold weather, so I am definitely feeling short-changed.
Grumpy, even.

I should hasten to add that it has only been like this over two-thirds of the country; 
the southern half of the South Island had a beautiful hot summer. 
I'm movin'!

The news from the northern hemisphere is that there have been 
milder-than-normal winters in many areas. Go figure.

I hope you all have a lovely spring.


  1. We have had a cooler, wetter summer here as well. And I am very grateful. MS thrives on heat, so I loathe it. Its pretty fond of humidity as well so I haven't had it all my own way.
    I am sorry that you were robbed of summer, but I am grateful that people here were too.

  2. Our winters (UK) are getting colder and we get more snow than in previou years. On the plus side, we're getting some half-decent summers with sun actually shining.

  3. And here (USA - Midwest/Middle Atlantic) we've hardly had a winter at all.

  4. You're right, here in Utah we have had a total of two or three storms that left noticeable snow in the valley. I haven't had more than a couple inches in my yard at any one time, and it has melted within a day or so. The ski resorts have been suffering, many big groups have cancelled because of the lack of snow. I'm not a big fan of winter, but I still feel like I've been robbed.

  5. Yes, well, winter started yesterday in Utah. Seriously, we've had almost no winter, and then we got hit with a nasty storm that has continued into today. (It's snowing now as I type.)
    Now, a cool, wet summer I could live with! I hate the extreme heat we often get here in the desert.

  6. How is it a photo of YOU grumpy is so darn cute?!! I feel really bad about you not having summer (especially while most of the world is bragging about not having winter) it does figure you're right...and normally you'd feel not ready to give up summer like I do when I know the upcoming WINTER is soon to arrive...on the bright side, I'm hoping the pattern continues and your winter will be like the summer that passed you by...don't MOVE! Just wait the weather is sure to change there too! Enjoy your weekend Alexia!

  7. what a beautiful sunrise!!

    that GRUMPY just too cute!

    the weather seems to NOT have been very 'normal' all over the world this year.

  8. Thanks all for your visits - yes, Max, I feel robbed too.

    I'm still moving, Karen, but only across town ;)

  9. Our winter (well, if you can call it that) has been one of our warmest on record. I figure our spring and summer will be unbearably hot.....maybe not.
    Wishing you the weather of your dreams.


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