Monday, March 21, 2011


Thematic Photographic's theme this time is "Transitions". You can see some great takes on this theme here.

Here are some transitions that have meant a lot to me.

This is my daughter and son-in-law, after their beach wedding in Rarotonga

My grandson:


  1. those are lovely pictures..grandkids are the best and i love the wedding pictures

  2. The problem with grandchildren is they go through a transition and turn into teenagers!
    Fine family pictures on the theme.

  3. Happy transitions! Love the wedding pictures!

  4. The life cycle is chock-full of transitions... these shots are poignant and personal, adding a whole new depth of field to the theme! Thanks for sharing these memories, these moments.

  5. The black & white one is amazing, chock full feelings. Definitely a good choice to show it in B & W.

  6. Thanks all - yes, I love the b&w shot too, Max :)

  7. beautiful transitions Alexia! FIRSTS always seem to that...transition your life in one way or another!!
    the wedding beach shot is terrific!

    (and by the way...would have emailed you, but don't see your address anywhere...if you would email me...or convo me at etsy...i can check into the shipping if you LIKE. thanks!)


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