Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Five things I can totally live without

1. Sir(!) Cliff Richard
 Seriously. Is this not just one of those margarine carvings? 
AND: 'Summer Holiday' has to be the second-worst song of all time. *

2. Winter
I did a Google image search for winter pictures. Yep, there they all were - snowy, pretty, chocolate-boxy-Christmas-cardy pics of snow. And ice. And snow and ice.
Well, we don't have winters like that where I live. We have dankness,
cold, darkness, rain, wind - with the occasional crisp frost followed
by a sunny yet bitingly-cold day.
Winter makes me miserable and depressed; that's why I chose the illustration above. Ban Winter, I say!

3. Flies
I know, I know - they do a useful job of getting rid of
decomposing stuff etc etc.
I don't need them in my house, or anywhere in my vicinity. Thank you.

4. Unnecessary packaging

Need I say more?

5. Vileness
Who taught him to do this, I wonder?

* The position of first-worst is still open... suggestions are welcome


  1. I have to agree with all of the above....I had to check Cliff out on Youtube, somehow he's managed to stay out of my life, well until right now....and I'm totally in agreement with you about him.....and I would think the top worst song would be also from this man...the bananas make me laugh....sometimes I see old bananas ready for banana bread waiting in bags for one or two dollars a bag....and shame on parents thinking their son is cute (and you know they do) for doing that....I really enjoyed your top 5 things ....oh and the fly...you picked the most charming fly ever! Cool post Alexia!

  2. The bananas made me laugh. I don't know who the top guy is, But I'll take your word for it that I'm fortunate in that.
    As for winter, I like it. It keeps my neighbors indoors and quiet. No barking dogs, no screaming kids, no mowing of lawns. Good stuff. :)

  3. ha!
    i don't know who that guy is either...as for the rest of your 'live-withouts'...well, i might not agree with ALL! although i'm not too fond of FLIES...i DO love your picture choice! i LOVE winter...of course, it's easy for ME to say...living in north FL...i don't have to deal with all the snow and ice...BUT in my defense...i was raised in NY...and miss the REAL winters!
    that kid...giving the finger...i agree with ya...what are the parents thinking...cute, huh?? NOT!
    and the bananas...yeah...LOTS of unnecessary packaging around...what a waste! THAT reminds me...for some reason...of all the trash i see along the road...or even on hiking trails...i can live without that!
    great post!
    have a great day! :]


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