Friday, December 10, 2010

Thematic Photographic 127: Family (2)

On a happier note

My grand-daughter, aged about 19 months:

And her new brother, about 20 hours old, taken yesterday:


  1. Oh my goodness, a brand new grandbaby boy-brother! How fantastic! Very lovely children, and I especially love the little hat and boots, so darling! She looks like she knows exactly where she is going! Guess I better get my photos together too. And congratulations Alexia!

  2. Congratulations Alexia! 2 sooo sweet pictures! Thanks for sharing!

  3. congratulations on your new grandbaby!!
    i'll bet his sister will be right there...wanting to do all she can to help with her new brother...a new baby doll! a REAL baby doll!!


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