Thursday, December 16, 2010

Favourite Shots of the Year #1

The new Thematic Photographic challenge is around favourite photos, and we've been given 3 weeks for it - whew!

This year I have done some travelling, thanks to a small bequest and a promise I made to the person who left it to me. That promise was to "just get out there and do it!" So I've made a start - and I mean to keep on going.

First, Barcelona, where my son lives. Click on photos to embiggen.
Three four Five favourite shots from that fascinating city:


Palau de la Musica Catalana

Street performer on the Rambla
Street scene


  1. Great shots, I really love the street performer one. Hilarious.

  2. wonderful - makes me want to visit barcelona!

  3. Oh my goodness, they are all perfect favorites, even for me....although I too agree the street performer ranks highest....they are always my favorites no matter what, and this one ranks with such an abundance of being creative and even funny! I really like your favorites Alexia!

  4. great 'travel' shots!!

    as for the street performer...his act looks like it would be a hard one to forget...even without the photo! ha!!

  5. I spent my 39th birthday in Barcelona. I remember arriving in the late afternoon. By 6:00 I was hungry. Then I found out that the restaurants didn't open until 9:00. Wow. I had a great time there. Thanks for sharing the variety of pictures. Seems like we all love the street performer!

  6. Lovely shots, they make me start thinking about travelling again - something I have done far too little of.

  7. I love the promise - and the way you've kept it. You paint pictures of the places you've been in ways I can only dream. I'm definitely learning from your example.

    I'm also strangely hungry :)


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