Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thematic Photographic 125: Sepia

I'm not sure I really know what constitutes a sepia photograph. I've looked at all the beautiful images which clever people have posted in response to this theme, and they seem to range from black and white to gold. And I don't have any sepia collection, so this is my sole contribution this week:

A friend's son walks in the harsh salt desert of Uyuni, in Bolivia:

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  1. I think this falls into the sepia category....here's a link:

  2. Looks like a perfect sepia to me, and the picture appears to be filled with heavy feeling. He seems to be all alone strolling in a vast desert like area with such an enormous tree stump? Great thought provoking photo! Nicely done!

  3. THanks both of you.. Karen I thought it was a rock. But I guess it could be petrified wood...
    I love the picture - but I have to say I like it better in colour :)

  4. what ever it is it's awesome and this sepia tone lends a soft touch I think...not all sepia photos are this nice! Thanks for sharing it!

  5. I think that this definitely falls under sepia... and then it falls under "a fantastic photo"...!


  6. I'm in total agreement with KBF, Karen and Average Girl: This is a classically sepia photo. The composition is wonderful: such a thoughtful scene that makes me wonder where he's been, where he's headed and what he's thinking of at this very moment.

    Brilliant shot, and a brilliant addition to an incredible week of themed photos. You always manage to pull great ones out of the sky!


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