Friday, November 12, 2010

Thematic Photographic 123: Black and White

Black and White?
Nothing ever is, although I know a fair number of people who think in those terms.

My first thought was about The Little Dog (probably because he was sitting on my feet at the time). His name is Manuel LeGrand, and here he is, on a winter's day at the beach:


He doesn't know he's a little dog. He is not aware that his head is kinda too big for his body, and that he has the funny, stumpy front legs which some Jack Russell terriers have.  He always acts with dignity and decorum, and is as brave, affectionate and loyal as any dog we have ever had.   He firmly believes that he will catch every rabbit or pheasant he disturbs out on a walk; of course, with those legs, he doesn't.
He smiles a lot.

I always said I would never have a little dog, "because they're yappy". Thankfully, he's not; he does have a good manly bark when needed.  Especially when he's treed a possum in the middle of the night.... !!

Manu misses The Big Dog, his friend Mr D'Arcy, who departed this life a while ago.  I haven't yet found him a new companion, but I'm working on it.
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P. S. Possums are classified as noxious pests in this country.



  1. Such a dear little guy! Especially love his profile watching the sea in the first photo!

  2. oooooh!!!! C U T E!!!! such personality! with legs like those...they might not be able to JUMP too high...but they sure can DIG...or go after anything that tries to run down a hole.
    Great pictures of your loyal black & white friend!!

    i had a jack russell...some years back...what a spunky dog!! he was a tree climber!! (you just brought back all the funny...LOL memories!!)

  3. Oh I especially love your winter time today (winter finally hit us today ;( ) but also the cutest of darling little fellows to share your life with...what personality he seems to have and that's just by his photo! Have a great day both of you!...and this is a perfect black and white post! Actually anything with a dog makes the top of the list for me!

  4. GT - thanks! he really is a dear little guy

    Laura - personality is right! this morning he slipped his collar at the Farmers' Market - wanted to go and hang out with 2 classy Weimeraners :)

    Karen: haha - reminds me of the line from the movie 'Shakespeare in Love' about "the bit with the dog" - works for me, too!

  5. I wish I could give him a hug: He looks so sweet in these pictures.

    I LOVE that you chose him for the b&w theme. How appropriate...and heartwarming. Give him a big pat from me - and from Frasier the schnauzer, who naps by my feet as I write this.

  6. I just love that tail! perky, upright and ready to wag! And great photos, too.


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