Sunday, November 21, 2010

3 Things that Make me Happy on a Monday

Mondays aren't great, traditionally.  Although you're supposed to have rested up over the weekend, and be full of energy, it really seems a very long time until the next weekend.

Plus, it's been a long and busy day at school (aren't they all??).

I thought I'd do the positive thinking approach and post about 3 things that bring me joy.

#1 Lighthouses  There's just something about them: strength, pride, danger, loneliness. This one's at Castlepoint, a (normally) wild and windy place on the east coast of the North Island of New Zealand.

Castlepoint Lighthouse

#2 Mosaics   I've dabbled a little in making some, and plan to do a lot more - some day, when time expands. One of the reasons I went to Turkey was to feast my eyes on the beautiful mosaic work:

Mosaic above door, Green Tomb, Bursa

#3 Water  Always makes me feel happy and peaceful, whether it's a lake, river or the sea.

Lake Rotorua, New Zealand

What we call the secret of happiness is no more a secret than our willingness to choose life.
~ Leo Buscaglia 

What cheers you up on a Monday?



  1. Mondays have never been my most favorite day, especially when you are on vacation and you want to see something historical and it's closed! (because they were open all weekend.) I love sunshine so if the sun shines that day then all should go right with the world! Last if I've worked the weekend and Monday is my day off than things are looking up! The area around your lighthouse is very beautiful! I enjoyed seeing and reading your 3 things to be thankful for! 1 and 3 are on the top of my favorite list!

  2. Good point - so many restaurants/cafes are closed on Mondays ... grrr!

  3. Well, on this particular Monday, your photos made me happy. That's one thing. I enjoy taekwondo class on Mondays. And of course there is Monday Night Football! Thank you for the reminder to focus on what we are grateful for.

  4. Moving water will always do it, especially tidal rivers which have a soothingly hypnotic effect on me.

    Friends seeking out my company always do it.

    Ironing pillow cases, however unlikely a choice, will always do it too - it's the smell of warm laundered linen, and the simple satisfaction of the completed task.

  5. New followers cheer me up! Thanks for coming to visit!

  6. I first read this early on a Thursday, not on a Monday. But if I HAD read this on a Monday, it would have easily cheered me out of my Monday blahs.

    I've got a thing for lighthouses, too. Beacons of hope.

  7. That is one kickass lighthouse. If it had a mosaic, and was right next to the beach (which I'm sure it is, otherwise it would have no point) then it would be perfect wouldn't it?

  8. @everyone - thanks for your kind words...

    lillyanne - no, not the ironing. I hate ironing. Although I would have to agree that the smell is lovely

    ficklecattle - haha quite right! Thanks for visiting

  9. I rather like lighthouses myself, or so I must, as I took dozens of photos of the lighthouses along the Oregon Coast when I visited last summer. Maybe it's because we have no need for lighthouses in Utah (the Great Salt Lake isn't deep enough for anything but the shallowest vessels).

    Oh, and I love your Daliesque blog pic. :)


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