Monday, October 11, 2010

Trees: Branched, Part 2

I knew I wouldn't be able to resist posting some actual branches for this week's Thematic Photographic theme (see here to join in).

Palm trees in Kerikeri, in the winterless north of New Zealand:

More from my Aussie trip: an old house, still inhabited, almost hidden in the bush


This little guy is totally embranched - a koala, asleep in the top branches of a Eucalyptus tree :



  1. Love those palms - and the koala is cute!

    Saw your link on Carmi's challenge.

  2. Thanks! :)
    It's the first time I've seen a koala outside a zoo or reserve, so it was great to be able to see him among the leaves. :)

  3. i agree with all...that koala is something else! maybe ONE DAY i'll get to see one in person...and NOT in a zoo!

    i also really like that picture with the stone structure?? or boulders?? hidden in the trees...

    very cool! :]

  4. @Laura -hey thanks..
    the tree was actually growing out of a cleft in the rocks.

    and if anyone's ever seen a movie called Picnic at Hanging Rock - this and the koala pic were taken at the actual Hanging Rock

  5. I wish I could have one as a pet. What a cool skill to be able to sleep in a tree. I get dizzy just looking up!

  6. Fantastic photos. I didn't catch your second round of Branched until now. I am especially fond of the last one! Thanks, Karen


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