Friday, October 22, 2010

Thematic Photographic 120: Savour

What a very intriguing theme this week.

If I were to post pictures of all or even a small percentage of the the things I savour, I'd be here till Christmas - and everyone would have lost interest and hitched a ride elsewhere.

So: pick one. What is better than music, or beautiful paintings, or the beach, or ciabatta, or a chilled glass of a good New Zealand white wine, or a warm apricot just picked ripe from the tree? What is more to be savoured than the smell of freesias, or the taste of espresso coffee? A good book, a perfect poem, an amazing movie? Can I choose anything which rates above my dog racing to greet me when I open the gate, a rib-crushing hug from my son, or the thrill I get from teaching clever, responsive young people?

Too hard.  But I have managed to finally decide that my post will be about something I really delight in, relish, enjoy to the full: travel. I really do savour the thrill of visiting other countries, finding out how people live, touching the past.

Turkey is one of the most interesting places I have ever been.

Shopping precinct, Bursa
Goreme: this woman was making a silk carpet in the traditional manner.

Cappadocia has some of the most amazing natural land formations you'll ever see:

This shot is of the Temple of Zeus at the ancient city of Corinth, in Greece.


At the Monastery of St Stephen, actually a convent, high high in the mountains of Meteora in Greece: this was such a beautiful, pleaceful place.
Thanks, Carmi and KBF, for giving me a chance to post some of my travel shots.


  1. Love the cave homes there. Really interesting.

  2. Some awesome pictures you have there.

  3. Such a lovely place to picture, thanks so much. I have savoured each one and I always am ready to view every picture you post! It's like being there myself, without lost baggage!

  4. Nice pictures, I love seeing places I'll probably never get a chance to see in person.

    I especially love the one of the cave homes. Very cool.

  5. Thanks guys.
    I loved the cave homes in Cappadocia. It was truly one of the weirdest, most fascinating places you could possibly imagine - I was only there for a couple of days, but I will never forget it.

  6. Always been fascinated by Cappadoccia. Is that stone rough to the touch?

    And the other photos of Turkey maake me want to go back!

  7. You have the neatest way of looking at the world. Some of my favorite photos are from my travels. Most of it has been business-related, but I've always tried to carve out a little bit of time to get out with a camera in hand and explore.

    I feel like I'm right back there every time I review the pictures from those experiences.

    Your shots make me SO want to follow in your footsteps.


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