Monday, August 8, 2016

Reflective: TP 379

Carmi's new Thematic Photographic topic is 'Reflective' (see here).

This time last year I was in Scotland, and I've been reflecting on how very much I would like to be back there, instead of here in month 3 of a southern hemisphere winter! (Although if I'm honest, it's about the same temperature here now as it was there last year...)

You've probably all seen the one of the colourful buildings in Tobermory, on Mull, 
but having taken it myself makes it special:

More shots of the beautiful Scottish countryside. The first two were taken travelling 
between Thurso and Skye, the other on Skye.

I'm glad it wasn't bright blue and sunny - that wouldn't have 
been how I have always imagined Scotland.



And the photographer - being reflective.