Friday, January 1, 2016

Last year's books

In 2015, I read 85 books (retirement from teaching in February boosted the total for the year!)

The full list is on the Books of 2015 page, and I discussed my top six in the previous post. 
This year I did an analysis of genres, as I did a few years ago.

Here's the Key:

SS - Short Stories (3)
NF - Non-Fiction(7)
LF - Literary Fiction ("Serious" Fiction) (23)
M/T/D - Mystery/Thriller/Detective (19)
YA - Young Adult (8)
SF/F - Science Fiction/Fantasy (18)
F - General Fiction (7)

Some of the Young Adult books fit into other genres as well, of course.
41 were written by females,  44 by males.


  1. Ah ha! I was hoping you'd post this! I put my list up today. As usual, 51% mysteries. It's my "escape" genre reading, the way some women read drug store romances.
    I didn't think to tally up male vs. female authors. Perhaps I shall. That's a great idea.
    Do drop over and glance at my lists if you get a moment. :D

  2. I have never examined my reading that way. I know that most of the authors (fiction at any rate) that I read are woman. The genre varies. And non-fiction is becoming more and more prevalent. I deleted my 2015 reading list last night. Next year perhaps I will follow suit.
    Isn't reading a gift?

    1. I can't imagine life without books, EC. I always keep my lists, though - sometimes I need to check that I've read everything a favourite author has written.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks. I might make a hundred this year... maybe.

  4. Hello Alexia, a most Happiest of happy wishes for you in this new year. Your blog header photo is just beautiful, and your reading list is quite interesting to know!

    1. Thank you, Karen. I loved your latest post!

  5. That's a healthy diversity! A physical diet like that would leave a body pretty well off. I need eat a little more Literary roughage this year.

    1. That's a nice way to put it. There was a time when I seemed to read nothing but sci-fi, fantasy, and crime - and certainly hardly any non-fiction. I'm trying to diversify!

  6. Much more than I did! The internet has cut down on my reading tremendously. When I was a kid, I was always reading.


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