Monday, December 29, 2014

A change is gonna come

School is out for the summer - and for me, it's out, over, kaput, terminated. Teaching is finished for 2014, and when our academic year ends officially on January 27th, I am putting myself out of a job. Hoorah!

I have been a teacher for over 36 years. Enough, already!

This year I haven't really been present - in the blogging sense, I mean.
Just before Christmas of 2013, one of our deputy principals walked out on us, with almost no notice. This turned 2014 into one of the busiest years of my career. I picked up a number of her jobs including timetabling, looking after the computer systems, being responsible for all of the senior students' results being collated and sent off to the Ministry, and quite a few other bits and pieces, until a new DP was appointed.

That finally happened: 6 months later, at the beginning of Term 3! 

As well, I had my normal responsibilities of head of department and looking after relief (supply) teachers - at least they took my junior class away from me, which helped a bit. It was really crazy and pretty stressful, but I had already decided at the beginning of last year that I 2014 would be my last year of teaching, so that gave me something to look forward to.

So now I'm out of the tunnel, and looking forward to a new  lifestyle.

I don't like the word retirement - there are too many negative connotations for my liking.
I'm not retiring, I'm just changing what I'm doing. I have the T-shirt:

I'm going to miss some things, of course. Not the long days, the meetings, the interminable marking (grading) of exams, essays, assessments...  Not the politics, the negativity, the bandwagons.

In fact, the only things I will miss are the kids - all those lovely young people with whom I have had the privilege of working.


  1. Congratulations on your career change! And get ready to repeat the phrase "No, I didn't leave because of the kids, it was all the other crap." I have a friend that left the teaching profession for the same reasons you did and the first thing people say when she tells them is "Kids drove you crazy, huh?" Ironically, it's the kids and colleagues that keep me showing up, despite the politics, negativity, excessive state and district testing, being held accountable for stuff I have no control over and a micro-managing district office.

    Best of luck in whatever life leads you to in this change!

  2. My retirement from paid employment was forced on me. For a while I was devastated - and discovered I had been defining myself by what I did, rather than who I am. These days? My life is full. I don't know how I ever found time to go to work, and am enjoying the re-invention process.
    Have a heap of fun in your new life.

  3. What a great group of students! I know it will be a major change but before you know your new adventures will take over and life begins new all over again! Happy trails in whatever comes your way!

  4. Can't wait to read all the new things you have become and are doing! Change is hard but its exciting too!

    1. It will be different, Strayer, But i don't think it will be too hard :D

  5. Happy retirement. I find the state most blissful.

  6. School's out for summer. School's out forever. :)
    Hey, congrats to you! Here's to lots of traveling in your future!


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