Sunday, June 29, 2014

This country: #1

I'd like to share some of the beauty of this country with you. 

My country is small and new, wild in parts, and relatively sparsely populated. There are problems here as there are everywhere, but there are also stunning vistas and wild shores, grasslands stretching forever, ragged mountains and captivating animals and plants.

This photo is the work of New Zealander Trey Ratcliff.

It shows a jetboat on the Shotover River, which is located in the Otago region of the South Island of New Zealand. The name correctly suggests that this 75 kilometre-long river is fast flowing, with numerous rapids. The river flows generally south from the Southern Alps on its journey running through the Skippers Canyon, before draining into the Kawarau River east of Queenstown.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Dreaming of summer: TP 298

Carmi (he's back!) has chosen 'Summer' for our photographic theme this week.

On this side of the world it's raining wintry rain, the shortest day has just gone, and I'm dreaming of sunny days, beaches, and holidays.



A perfect summer day is when the sun is shining, the breeze is blowing, 
the birds are singing, and the lawn mower is broken. 

~James Dent