Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Just When I Needed A Smile....

An item from the "Sideswipe" column in this morning's newspaper which really made me laugh:

Eggplant on check-out operator's face

A friend's in a supermarket to buy aubergines (eggplants).
Callow youth at check-out: "What are they?"
Friend: "Aubergines."
CYAC: (Checks product list for a code) "We don't have them."
Friend: "Well, the fact that I'm standing here with them would indicate otherwise."
CYAC: "Listen, the only things we've got listed under 'O' are oranges."



  1. I love it. While wincing. I do miss customer service. Badly.

    1. Yes, the wince is implicit :)

      I love eggplant, too! Do you grow them, I wonder?

    2. I grew them very successfully last year and will put more in this year. Yum.

  2. Very funny! It reminds me of those special moments when the check-out person sees my leeks. Some have actually thought they were just tremendously, over sized onions, and have argued over the term leek!


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