Sunday, December 16, 2012

Tears and Pain

Over the last few days I have made no comments in the blogosphere about the 
terrible events in Connecticut.

I make none now, except to post this cartoon by Guy Body, which appeared in our 
national newspaper, the New Zealand Herald, this morning. 
I hope that none of my American friends will take offence at my posting this; these things happen in other countries as well.



  1. Yeah, Utah has the most lax gun control laws in the US, too. We just had a 14-year-old shoot himself outside a nearby jr. high in front of his friends after school a few weeks ago. The boy's parents keep blaming the school (publicly, in the newspapers), saying the boy was bullied. But the fact is that the boy's counselor was meeting with him weekly to make sure he wasn't being bullied (he was gay), AND THE BOY KILLED HIMSELF WITH ONE OF SEVERAL HANDGUNS THE PARENTS KEPT AT HOME. Excuse me, but WHO'S to blame here? Well, ultimately the kid is, as he made a conscious decision to do what he did. But if we're going to throw blame around, then let's not forget that the parents also made a conscious decision to have guns where he could get them.
    With the Lanza boy in this massacre, as far as I understand it, everyone knew he was emotionally challenged, yet HIS MOTHER KEPT SEVERAL HANDGUNS IN THE HOUSE. Seriously? An unstable person lives with you and you keep GUNS IN THE HOUSE???!!!! Unbelievable.

  2. The power that the Gun Lobby has in the US scares me, and this cartoon depicts my fears only too well. Black and hard hitting comment. About a heart-breaking event. Thanks for this post.


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