Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Hitch

Whether you admired him or despised him, thought about his ideas or dismissed them, it was hard to ignore the brilliance and the clarity of his writing.

As a poetry lover (and learner), I admire the comments he made in this 2005 article about the value and importance of poetry. It includes these lines:

My own acquaintance and relationship with poetry is bound up with acquisition, memorization, and recital. That is: I realized when I was quite young that I could learn poems "by heart," as the saying goes. This may have something to do with early experience in compulsory religious and scriptural studies. It was no hardship for me to commit hymns and verses of the Bible (though not so many psalms, oddly enough) to memory.

...I think that there is something of the gold standard about the echo and recall of poetry in the conscious mind.


Poetry, to put it another way, is also a good training in the ironic.

Rest in Peace.


  1. He certainly was a man of many strong opinions, and I can only guess that one would have a rather interesting conversation with him over dinner, if he lets you speak too. He was very determined and strong willed in his WAY of thinking. I like that in a person.....even if we don't have much in's the strength of his convictions that impress me.

  2. I just read an article about him in Newsweek. He spoke his mind. We could all take a lesson.


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