Friday, May 27, 2011

Of Despots and Tyranny

 I work with a tyrant.

No, 'with' is the wrong preposition; it implies some degree of mutual recognition and co-operation. 
I work around a tyrant.

In our small dictatorship, This Person (henceforth referred to as TP) 
pretty much has total control. 
Of everything.

TP has never heard of the word 'delegate'. In spite of having been to a number of management best practice courses and workshops, TP's methods would make up a substantial list of 'What Not To Do As A Manager'.

The List:
  • total control over all systems. if TP is ever run over by a bus, there are some areas of the 'state' which no-one else knows the workings of. Or the way in or out.
  • using personal guile and charms to get one's own way, eg flirting with members of the opposite sex.
  • bursting into tears when things don't go one's way, or when someone complains to the boss.
  • interrupting and putting people down at meetings.
  • publicly telling people off in front of other employees - or worse, in front of clients or members of the public.
 I could go on and on - but you get the picture, I suspect.

We experience the results of this tyranny on a small scale, 
but it gives us an idea of what people in larger despotic states must feel:
  1. We feel undervalued. I know I am good at my job, that I am efficient and capable - but TP can make me feel useless.
  2. We lose heart. What is the point of trying to improve/suggest ideas, if ideas are pooh-poohed or not even acknowledged?
  3. We suffer from general malaise and loss of morale: what used to be a happy staff is an angry, frustrated, and in some cases fearful, staff.
Enough ranting. Happy Saturday.

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  1. Feels good to vent, doesn't it? I'm sorry that you have to work with someone like that, I've always wondered why the higher ups allow these people that kind of destructive power. Good luck, and I'll be hoping for a really bad, long term case of laryngitis for TP.

  2. sorry you have to deal with this, i have been fortunate that i worked for good bosses in the past...theses micro managers really can be a pox

  3. Ugh...why do morons like this so frequently end up in supervisory or management positions? What is WRONG with Corporate America (or Canada, or Europe, or...) that it can't figure out the right skill set for folks who lead other folks?

    Inspirational leadership doesn't mean as much as it used it. Pity us.

    I used to work for an alcoholic ex-military moron. He was the editor of the weekly rag of a paper I freelanced for during journalism school. Came to work every day absolutely loaded. Didn't know the meaning of a shower. Told us he "demanded" our respect.

    Quitting that job was the happiest day of my life.

    Heard years later he bailed out on his wife and son (2nd time he had done that, apparently) and moved to Hong Kong to avoid child support. Loser.

  4. Nice to have your support - thanks everyone.

    Max - permanent laryngitis would be wonderful. TP shouts. A lot.

    Twain - pox! Perfect word :)

    Carmi - crikey your moron sounds worse than mine! TP doesn't believe in drinking.
    "Inspirational leadership"? Sigh. If only.

  5. I've worked with a couple of those over the years. Max works with one right now, but he's changing schools.

    Word verification: vitchi
    Just change one letter, and you can describe TP!


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